DMCA ignored hosting is a hosting in where you can host those websites which are illegal. The service provider will take care DMCA copyright notications. In simple words games, music, movies websites which are pirated can be hosted DMCA ignored hosting.


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The Best and High Speed DMCA Ignored Hosting Service

Have you ever wanted to upload songs and videos on your website for people to download for free or for a lot cheaper than the original price? Well, doing that with unique content is difficult, because it is so expensive for people to buy and for you to get to upload it. Your safe bet for doing all this is to get pirated content and make it available to the people who can?t afford it in its original price. Even though you may feel like what you?re doing is for a good cause, sadly, the U.S. law does not consider this legal, which is protected by the DMCA act.

Therefore, you?ll need DMCA Ignored Hosting Services for your website, and we, at Ahead Host LLC, provide the best ones to you at the lowest prices.

What Is A DMCA Ignored Hosting Service?

As the name suggests, DMCA ignored hosting services are host servers that do not abide by the DMCA laws set by the U.S. You might ask how these services avoid these laws, and the answer is straightforward; these services are not based in the United States. They are off-shore companies that allow you to set up your website with your pirated content without having to deal with the legal issues involved due to the DMCA laws established. Hence, if someone has a complaint about your pirated content, these hosting services do not have to comply and remove the content.

Therefore, our company helps provide users with reliable servers that are based outside of the US so you can get by your daily content uploading without having to worry about any legalities.

The The Best and High Speed DMCA Ignored Hosting Service Provider

Ahead Host LLC has been trusted by users for a long time, and that?s because of the quality of services we provide here at our company. The same trend follows when it comes to our DMCA Ignored Hosting Services. We can confidently say that we have the cheapest options you can find over the internet with the quality to match it.

Depending on how much space and bandwidth you?re looking for your website, you can get three different options available at Ahead Host LLC. The cheapest model is the $5/month one, offering 5000MBs of disk space and a monthly bandwidth of 20,000MBs. This is enough if you want to upload just songs and occasional videos. If you?re going to kick it up a notch, then for an additional $5, you can triple the disk space and get 30,000MBs more on the bandwidth.

If you?re aiming to upload movies and games, then you might require more firepower on your servers, and sure enough, Ahead Host LLC has you covered for that as well. Our well-known ?advanced? option allows for 25,000MBs of disk space, and up to 80,000MBs for your bandwidth needs. This package comes in at just 15 dollars a month, and we consider it to be the best option amongst all our plans.

Ahead Host LLC will gladly take care of all your needs when it comes to uploading pirated content. You will have access to 24/7 customer service and can also avail a 7-day money-back guarantee if you aren?t satisfied with the service, which most likely won?t happen. All in all, our team will make sure to make you a loyal customer for life!




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How Does DMCA Ignored Hosting Work?

DMCA Ignored Hosting service providers work specifically on the Offshore related topics. Among the ones who desire to claim about the copyright violation simply need to email the website admin. The admin would go through the case and would forward the legal action against the violation in accordance with the court?s order.

What Tools Or Software Can I Use To Build My Website?

The fact that there are diverse options for the available website builder software on the market. We will suggest you the following three best possible software tools for your websites:
1. Weebly: It is a world class website editor that facilitate you to do various multiple things by clicking a mouse including simple to complex webpage development.
2. Jooma
3. WordPress

Purchased A Hosting Plan, Now What Do I Do?

After purchasing your desired hosting plan, you need to set up prior you can use to host your website. Besides, you have been already provided with the control panel logins and all necessary information to get started. Furthermore, our technical support team will contact you via registered email address.

Can I Host Multiple Domain Names With My Hosting Account?

To manage the hosting of multiple domains with your hosting account is relatively easy. All you need to do is to ensure correct configuration of some DNS settings as well as to create add-on accounts. Moreover Make sure to use the correct directory file for your addon. It would be ahead of your main addon. If you need more help contact us.

What Kind Of Web Hosting Plan Do I Need?

Among various types of available web hosting plans including shared hosting, cloud hosting, Managed to host for WordPress, Virtual Private Servers US VPS and Dedicated Servers, we will advise you with the plan that is most suited to your prior needs. Besides for most of the websites, shared hosting plan is quite enough and most suitable. Furthermore, you can contact our sales team for more detailed information.

What is DMCA Ignored Hosting?

DMCA stands for ?Digital Millenium Copyright Act? that refers to the law that has been established by the United States in regards to fighting against the issues related to the Copyright claim. DCMA Ignored Hosting is a service available in the Offshore location usually in the countries that are less likely to act more seriously in the copyright matter.

How Do I Transfer My Web Pages To Your Server?

One of the most convenient possible ways to transfer your website file to our web page account is via FTP. All you need to do is to connect yourself to the hosting account and download the files locally in accordance with your computer. Then you need to upload them to the main folder of your new hosting account. You can also contact us for website transfer. We offer websites transfer free of cost.

Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! We do offer the money back guarantee within 7-days after the web hosting purchase to all the customer besides our money back guarantee is limited to some services rather than all. Moreover, this guarantee owes to cover certain services for the refund on the basis of terms and policy. The guarantee does not cover any other additional fee charges during first 30-days. For more information visit our website:

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